Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Taking responsibility for your action

Everyone has a choice

Life is just filled with choices and sadly most of the times we are making the bad choices. Now whether we do it intentionally or not the fact still stands, we are responsible for our actions. There are times we want to make excuses over the wrongs we do but most people dont really buy that. Ofcourse we may have a point but the truth is, nobody really cares less. Heres some good advice for you, if we want to really score As, we have to learn to take responsibility.

Making the right choices

Different circumstances in this world makes it increasingly difficult to act wisely and to make the right choices in life.When deciding what really to do, you have to take a wholistic appraoch and try to understand what the effect of your choice will have on you, on others and on people close to you. Its not always easy to make the right choice, but then we will be the ones to pay for having made the wrong decision.

Take for instance when it comes to whom you decide to Marry in life, who do you really choose? Or when it comes to the kind of employment you are going to take which one would you rather have and why? How will others be affected? However, when it comes to choices in life you have two types of choices 1) the important choices and 2) the not so important choices. However, heres some good advcie for you folks, take time to make the right decision on the most important decision.

When you make a bad choice

When you make a bad choice it is something that can create in you a series of regrets and sadness especially if it was something really serious. Well look at the bright side, even if you made a mistake there is some positive sides to this. For one thing, the mistake has enabled you to realize that you are only human and everyone makes mistakes. On another hand you can even learn from your mistakes and take corrective action in future.

But making a bad choice can have consequences which can adversely affect us and the people around us. However, that is life. All the best!!


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