Saturday, 14 September 2013

7 Reasons they never called you back

The common reasons

You may be trying very hard to find somebody you can probably start dating and probably get married one day but things always go wrong. Lets say you just had a very good conversation with somebody you like very much and after exchanging numbers you wait for a call back but nothing happens. Or lets just say you always call this one person you like very much and even have a very good conversation but they still never call you back. What exactly is the big reason? Heres some good advice for you folks, there are actually 7 common reasons why. Don't take this personal.

Why they never call back

1. They are busy; You wont believe it but many of the people who don't respond back to calls do it because they are just so preoccupied with so many activities. The busy schedules they have to pull through everyday at work, with friends and family makes it increasingly difficult to call back. Ofcourse they do think of it, but out of nowhere another important activity just pops up which they can't really get out of.

2. They are nervous; If somebody likes you they may find it very hard to call back and begin a conversation. Nervousness and anxiety can really hit hard on some people and the negative thoughts in their minds can make it difficult to call back.

3. They have nothing to talk about; You wont believe how difficult it is for some people to begin a conversation over a phone and maintain it without any problems at all. Because they have nothing to talk about they would rather avoid embarrassing themselves and just avoid the whole thing all together. Strange right? You have to believe it.

4. They are seeing someone else; If they are dating somebody else, they obviously dont want their date to think they are cheating on them. So most times, they would rather not call back on someone of the opposite sex....Atleast not immediately.

5. They are not interested; This ofcourse is the most undesirable reason anybody would want to hear. Getting to learn that somebody doesn't call you back because they are not interested could really put you off but thats the truth and you have to live with it. However, not being interested could come with different reasons.

6. They are undecided; A person who is hanging on two different points of view may hesitate to call back especially if its anything to do with love, relationships or anything else that is serious. Lets take for example, you tell somebody you like them and want to get to know them, then they tell you they will call you back but they dont actually do that. What could be the problem? Well they probably are still thinking about it.

7. The call didn't reach them; Sometimes when you call them, they receive the missed call but for some crazy unknown reason they never get to see your missed call. Nomatter how crazy it may seem, it could be true.

Don't run into conclusions

In my opinion, it isn't really wise to run into conclusions. You know if somebody doesn't call back we shouldn't immediately think they are just trying to avoid a conversation or avoid you because they dont like you. You can at least give a benefit of a doubt and try to talk about it. Doing that will at least clear all the doubts and probably make you feel a little bit better. Here's some good advice for you, don't always take things personal if things don't work out. All the best!!




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