Sunday, 22 September 2013

Are you really ready to quit your job

Weighing your options

Working for an organization or company can be really hard at times. Ofcourse there are times you just can't take it anymore because the current job you have just doesn't give you exactly what you are looking for. What do most people think in such a situation? well most times they think that the only option is to quit. Well whether its a bad or good thing, you really have to weigh your options carefully. Heres some good advice for you, lets look at this more deeply shall we.

When deciding whether to quit

Most times we run into deciding to quit too quickly without really understanding what we will be missing or gaining. You see, the whole issue of work is so that you can get food on the table. But, if there is a good reason to quit, well it definitely is a good reason to do so in your case. Well people quit for a variety of reasons. Others do so because of frustrations, others because of independence and others because they have found something better. But then how should we weigh our options carefully on any of these? Heres some good advice for you, Just read on!!

1. Quitting because of frustrations; Frustrations at the work place can be really frustrating at times. Perhaps the salary is bad, or perhaps your boss is bad and you really want to leave. Ofcourse, leaving is a good option especially if you are frustrated, but key questions you can do well to ask yourself is

-Are you really ready to leave?
-Are the frustrations really so bad that you should really leave?
-Are these frustrations able to be solved somehow?

Depending on your personal circumstances, some of these questions may help you weigh matters properly.

2. The need for independence; Many want to be their own boss some day and that in my opinion is a good thing because you have an opportunity to control your time, your finances and other benefits as well. But a key question you can do well to ask yourself is whether you are actually prepared? Being prepared means you should know exactly what you are doing, how you are going to actually begin your business and whether you have the right game plan in place. What we are saying, before you leave you should have already done your home work.

3. Finding something better; Some people decide to quit because they have found something better. Ofcourse getting a better job somewhere is really a wonderful experience. But sometimes its not always the high paying jobs that are always the best. That is really something you should do well to investigate before accepting the offer.

Quitting the job whatever the reason is really your personal decision, but weigh your decision carefully and see the benefits always. Here's some good advice for you, lets not hold any regrets.



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