Saturday, 7 September 2013

Falling in Love with two people

Why it happens

This really happens alot and the truth is, sometimes you can't even explain why. As a rule of thumb, its either you choose one or leave the other and you can't have it both ways. However, before we even go there, Why does it happen? Alot of times we just find ourselves being caught up in really difficult situations like these and it so happens that we are just caught up out of nowhere, with not a clue what to do. For one thing it happens because we spend alot of time with alot of people who may have the qualities we might be looking for. We fall in love with these people and then things start getting ugly. Heres some good advice for you, it can happen to anyone but decisions have to be made.

Diving into details

The reasons why it happens may be plenty or may be a few but the fact is, we spend a lot of time with a lot of people and in the process we meet different people whom we think have the qualities we are looking for. But there are other reasons too;

1. Loneliness; When you get lonely sometimes even when you are dating and heading towards Marriage, there may be someone who is always available to talk to you. This person is viewed to be more like a substitute when the person you are dating isn't always around. Because you want that loneliness gap filled, you end up falling in love them.

2. Rocky relationship; When you are going through a rocky relationship, that doesn't mean it will stay that way forever. However, because you are at that phase of arguments, fights and disagreements , sometimes people tend to seek comfort from somewhere else. When they find that person they end up falling for them. But at the same time, they are still in love with the one they are actually dating.

3. Personalities; There are qualities about the one you are dating and heading towards Marriage with, that you like and dislike. When you find someone else who has the missing qualities you were looking for, you end up falling in love with them but at the same time you still love the current one.

Good or Bad?

These things all depend on circumstances at times. However, in principle there is only one Love in your life and one choice. Nobody can have it both ways and that's a fact. Here's some good advice for you, If you are going through such a situation in life you have to make a decision. There is absolutely no need to complicate things, its either you choose one or leave the other or vice versa.

Ask yourself these important questions should you allow this thing to continue

-Am I being honest to any of them if I allow this to continue?
-How will they feel if they found out the truth?
-What can I do to end this?
-Who can I talk to about this problem?

Asking yourself these questions may not conclude the matter there and then but will certainly bring you one step closer to doing the right thing. Here's some good advice for you, make the right decision today.



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