Saturday, 10 August 2013

Utilizing the Power of Persuasion

Use your Persuasive Powers Effectively

Almost every part of our lives requires us to use the power of persuasion in an effective way all the time.Persuasion involves making people believe something but in a tactful and skillful way. Persuasion is used in a whole lot of areas in our lives from negotiating a salary, marketing a product, proposing marriage to somebody, winning a bid, talking to the jury in court e.t.c The power of persuasion is very important especially if we want to get things moving our way. However, what are some important attributes of a good persuader. Here's some good advice for you, that good persuader could actually be you. Lets briefly read through some of the important attributes of a good persuader.

Attributes of a Good Persuador

1. Convincing; Most good persuaders are convincing when bringing out their point to audiences. You see, the persuader wants to draw the audiences to him/herself and make them understand how important it is to take a certain course of action.

2. Less argumentative; Most good persuaders don't waste time trying to argue with people on why they should believe what they are saying...Or at least the arguments are not very heated. Good persuaders don't have to argue because their audience will believe what they are saying and will be eventually drawn to them.

3. Effective Reasoners; Good persuadors know how to reason well with others on why they think they should believe a certain course of action. They use facts to bring the point home and try to ask effective questions to the audiences that will open their minds and help them understand why it is actually necessary to take a certain course of action.

4. Confident; Good persuaders are confident in themselves and on what they have to say. They want people also to be confident in them and in what they have to say.

5. Drive others to action; Good persuadors easily drive others to action with or without challenges. The point is, they wont force people to make a decision (in reality they can't) but the people will drive themselves to action on their own.

Being a Good Persuader

Being a good persuador doesn't just come to you over night but requires you to address the needs and wants of others. The mere fact you are trying to persuade people is because you have definitely seen that there is something they need which you can provide through action or information provision. Heres some good advice for you, you definitely can make it happen. Now depend on your unique situation it is never too late to take action. Heres what you should do,

Know your audiences
Tailor your information to their needs and wants of others
Build your confidence and be smart
Practice your skill of persuasion always
Create opportunities to sell yourself to others
Be hardworking and ready for challenges

Hope this advice blog helped. if you have any suggestions feel free to write to us at any time. 


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