Sunday, 29 September 2013

Common relationships mistakes that couples make

You could be one of them

Everybody makes mistakes and that is just a fact of life which nobody can avoid. Ofcourse, there are times when we wish we had done it better, but the truth is mistakes are mean't to build you so that next time you dont do the same thing again. Heres some good advice for you, there are 5 common relationship mistakes that many couples make, which could sometimes even lead to a break-up. Read on folks!

5 common relationship mistakes made by couples

1. High Expectations; In my opinion I could be a victim to this myself you know. There isn't exactly anything wrong with having high expectations but the truth is, most times we want to set them so extremly high that when we discover that our partner fails in one or two or even more of them, then that just destroys our hopes of continueing the relationship any further. Heres some good advice for you, we just have to have a balanced approach to life.

2. Making comparisons; You know, many couples these days like to make comparisons. Comparisons on what or whom? Well sometimes people in a relationship may feel tempted to compare the person they are dating with somebody else they admire. Or, they may even compare there present relationship to one they had in the past. While this isn't really bad in itself, the truth is you have to learn to accept what you have right now and try to appreciate the positive aspects you have derived from it.

3. Being overly critical; There are times when we might just be tempted to be critical of a person we are actually having a relationship with perhaps because of certain flaws they have. Well here's some good advice for you, being too critical of somebody may make you look like you are perfect. Nobody is perfect!!

4. Easily buying into negative rumors; Nagative rumors about a person you have a relationship with coule really have a long time damaging effect on any couple. However, much depends on how much trust both of you have been able to build over the period of being together. If a rumor comes up and it certainly is negative, how should you react? Sad to say, many will easily believe what others have to say without giving their partner a benefit of doubt. While its true that there is no smoke without fire, you have to admit that hearing their side of the story could be a good thing too.

5. Not really saying how you feel; Its always good to be honest about how you feel about the relationship and what is really on your mind. Ofcourse, your intention is not to offend anybody but bringing out concerns promptly may amount to something.

Learning from mistakes

We humans are always on the journey of learning new things and learning how to handle whatever aspect of life we may face. The good news is that as we learn we can also learn to change our way of thinking and make ourselves better persons. Here's some good advice for you, lets do the best we can. All the best!



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